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History of Kvasylivskiy foundry and mechanical plant

In 40-ies at the workshops was created Kvasylivskyy foundry-mechanical plant, a member of the state association “Ukrkomunhoz” until 1992. In 1996 the company was renamed into OJSC “Kvasylivskyy plant utility equipment.” In 2012, the plant was returned to the name “Kvasylivskyy foundry-mechanical plant.”

Ltd. “Kvasylivskyy Foundry and Mechanical Plant” Ukraine’s largest manufacturer of underground fire hydrants installed in underground wells to supply water from the water supply networks by means of connect fire columns in fire fighting, and one of the largest manufacturers of containers for household waste in western Ukraine. In addition to fire hydrants company has equipment to produce:

  • Metal structures, including: the already mentioned container for household rubbish of various size, car containers, bins, grates, bunker, flanges, base for fire hydrant, beet, thermoprobes, construction truck, etc.;
  • Cast iron and aluminum castings: manhole covers and sewer survey for cable manholes, inlets, casting furnace (stove, grate, grating grate, furnace door);
  • Forged products.
Production capacity and a sufficient number of qualified staff provide a high quality product that meets the applicable standards and specifications.

  • Sewer manhole
  • Fire hydrant base
  • Stormwater receiver, racks
  • Container for household waste
  • Underground fire hydrants
  • Flanges
  • Fire-bar and grate beam

The plant has the necessary capacities for the production of fire hydrants, metal, forged products, and the production of lumber, castings, non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

Production areas provide active production and can accommodate additional equipment or line. The total area is 0.9 hectares.

Ltd. «Kvasylivskyy foundry-mechanical plant» has experience with both domestic and foreign customers.

Market, competitors and partners

Ltd. “Kvasylivskyy foundry-mechanical plant” works closely with waterways, regional and city councils, construction companies, road services in Ukraine and CIS countries. And important contracts with the enterprises of Ukraine (CP “Sarnytske house management” SCE “Chernivtsivodokanal” Zdolbunivs’ka City Council, JSC “MC Steel Works” Kuznetsovska INC). They also signed significant contracts with companies Baltics (“Latakva” Riga), Moldova (“Stinkom service” Kyshynivvodokanal). We study the market of Belarus.

The main competitors in this industry is PE “Part” PE “Nays-N”, Ltd. “Ispolin.” The development of market relations to enterprises foundry faced the problem of survival in the competition.

In order to be able to implement casting, including casting for export products have a combination of high quality performance and low price. The main areas to achieve this goal is to expand the use of high quality alloys and special casting process, the introduction of new efficient technologies that reduce production costs and its complexity resulting in increased profitability and increased profits.

Manufacture of complementary products should also be ensured through the most effective ways. Projected growth cast several times obtained using special casting process, will significantly reduce the loss of metal and energy resources, improve product quality and reduce pollution and get the company profits.

Structure of production

  • Machine shop (laboratory building);
  • Machine shop (foundry-mechanical ground);
  • Machine shop (instrumental).

Material resources of the plant allows to carry out:

  • Guillotine cutting of sheet material;
  • Long metal cutting at a press shears;
  • Long metal cutting on the pendulum saw;
  • Gas cutting;
  • Metalworking.

Main equipment:

  • Lathe;
  • Turning and capstan lathe 1P365;
  • Screw-cutting lathe 1K63 (1620);
  • Screw-cutting lathe 1A615;
  • Vertical Drilling Machine 2S132;
  • Universal milling machine 6N81A;
  • Horizontal Milling Machine 6R81S;
  • Guillotine cutting H-473;
  • Guillotine cutting large;
  • Guillotine cutting medium;
  • Rollers for flexible;
  • Hydraulic press;
  • Press crank K-117e;
  • Crank presses – 100 tons;
  • Scissors for press;
  • Manual arc welding equipment;
  • The gas welding machine ;
  • Foundry cast iron and non-ferrous metals.