Boiler plate

Pleased to announce that LLC “Kvasilіvsky livarno Mekhanichny-plant” can now offer high-quality boilers plate prices by the manufacturer. Boilers with a stove designed for space heating, hot water supply, and even for cooking. Thanks to cheap fuel (coal and wood), small cost and small overall dimensions of these boilers are the ideal solution in terms of price and quality.

Parameter Value Measurement unit
Heat efficiency 11 kW
Rated water pressure 0,2 mPa
Type of fuel Firewood, coal
Water capacity up to 70 l.
Weight up to 200 kg
Furnace depth 630 mm
Flue ∅ 150 mm
Pipe connection ∅ 40 mm
Expected lifetime 150 mm
Overall dimensions/b>
Height 880 mm
Width 480 mm
Length 1080 mm

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