Fire hydrant base

  • Підставка під пожежний гідрант
  • Підставки під пожежні гідранти
  • -під-пожежні-гідранти

Fire Stand is designed for installation of fire hydrants in the water supply system for the selection of water on fire needs in emergency situations. Fire stand is made of black metal by consumable electrode welding in carbon dioxide environment.

Item Price
Deadlock base DU-100 Contr.
Pass-through base DU-100 Contr.
Tee-base DU-100 Contr.
Cross-base DU-100 Contr.
Deadlock base DU-150 Contr.
Pass-through base DU-150 Contr.
Operating pressure ≤ 1(10) MPa (kg\m*s2)
Testing pressure 2(20) MPa (kg\m*s2)
Nominal bore trunk 100 mm
Mass 32 kg
Stand for fire hydrant should be used in the water system with the appropriate operating pressure. When you install the stand in a water network axle housing should occupy a vertical position.

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