Underground fire hydrants

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Underground fire hydrant is designed for water selection from underground wells and serving it to the fire hoses. According to the rules of fire safety, underground hydrants have to be located in sealed wells. A fire column is screwed on the top of the fire hydrant, which has two output pipes for the connection to the fire hoses. The fire hydrants are installed in the water network with the help of fire base. Underground fire hydrants differ between each other about the technical specifications, including height which varies depending on the level of soil freezing.

Item Price
U F H -500 Contr.
U F H -750 Contr.
U F H -1000 Contr.
U F H -1250 Contr.
U F H -1500 Contr.
U F H -1750 Contr.
U F H -2000# Contr.
U F H -2250# Contr.
U F H -2500# Contr.
U F H -2750# Contr.
U F H -3000# Contr.
U F H -3250# Contr.
U F H -3500# Contr.
U F H Head Contr.
Operating pressure ≤ 1(10) MPa (kg\m*s2)
The inner diameter of the housing 125 mm
Valve stroke 30 mm
Luft in a support of the valve along the axis with an open hydrant ≤ 0,4 mm
Hydrant height Н (intervals through 250 mm) 500 – 3500 mm
The number of revolutions of rod to fully open valve 15
Hydrant weight at H = 1000 mm ≤ 95 kg
Weight change for each 250 mm high ≤ 10 kg
Scheme of a fire hydrant

Fire hydrants (see figure) consists of the following components: the body (1), pipe (2), the valve (3), nipple (9) and the threaded ring (24) for screwing the fire column rod with a square head (15 ). To prevent damage to the threads, the nipple closing cover (6).

For selection water must open the hydrant to the threads nipple screw fire column to complete the gasket align with the clutch rod column with a bar fire hydrant. Turning the handle fire column counterclockwise rotation occurs with coupling rod (8), which in turn rotates the spindle hydrant (14). Rotating the spindle to open the valve and through the water passage that is formed into the housing hydrant, and then fire in a column.

After selection of water must by turning the handle fire column clockwise translate hydrant valve to the closed position, ie, to block access to the water hydrant, pressing the O-ring (25). Then remove the column fire hydrant and close the lid.

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